Frequently asked questions

Why Jira Assistant is free and how does it generate revenue?

Jira Assistant is developed in 2016 as a simple utility for quickly adding worklog and pulling reports from Jira. Hence its motive is not to generate revenue. But due to Browser updates and Jira API updates, it requires considerable effort to maintain the stability of the tool. Hence contributions from users are welcome.

Can I contribute in development?

Jira Assistant is an open source project where the source code is available in GitHub. Any developers are more than welcome to raise a PR for a bug fix or for a new feature. Guidelines for development are available in GitHub.

Can I request for a new feature if I could pay for it?

You can request for any new features by raising a ticket in GitHub with detailed description. Depending on available bandwidth, we would prioritize. If you are badly in need of a feature and if you are willing to make a one time contribution for it, then after raising the ticket, you can contact the developer through mail. We can discuss further on it.

Can I request for a new extension or an app from the developer?

If you want a Web, Mobile, Desktop or Browser extension to be developed and would like to pay for it, you can contact the developer through mail with the detailed requirement and can discuss further.

What information is stored within JA browser cache?

Jira Assistant doesn't store any sensitive information anywhere. It just stores the settings, Jira url, Jira profile details including mail id in browser cache. You can read more about it from Privacy Policy page.

What data is collected by developers from the users of Jira Assistant?

Jira Assistant does not send any of your personal / company details to us. We just collect the usage analytics aggregated based on country and browser. You can read more about it from Privacy Policy page.

Sometimes JA doesn't show worklog details in reports or in calendar?

Jira Assistant pulls the data from Jira by calling the API exposed by Jira. Sometimes due to indexing issues, Jira API doesn't return some worklog, issues, comments, etc.,. If you face such issues, then I would suggest to check with your Jira admin and see if indexing in Jira is proper. Most of the times, re-indexing Jira solves this issue of missing data in JA. This is not really an issue with this tool, but in Jira's API.

Why Jira Assistant require access to all the sites?

As you would be able to integrate JA with any Jira instance, this permission is required. This is particularly necessary because JA does not ask for / store your credentials and directly connect to Jira with the authentication established by your browser.

Network error occurred while trying to integrate with Jira

While trying to integrate the extension with Jira, ensure that you are logged in to Jira from your browser. Also ensure that you put appropriate url while integration. Ensure to use http:// or https:// appropriately. If not provided appropriately then it would cause network error.

Can't authenticate even though logged into Jira

While trying to integrate the extension with Jira, ensure that you are logged in to Jira from your browser. If you are sure that you are authenticated and you had used the url properly, then contact the developer with console screenshot / error details.

How can I rename or change the default icon of my dashboard?

To rename your dashboard, navigate to that dashboard and click on the name header label. Their you can change both the name and the default icon of that dashboard.

Is it possible to change the tickets list shown in My Open Tickets gadget?

You can change the list of tickets shown in My Open Tickets gadget by changing the JQL. To change the JQL, go to Advanced Settings page and find the JQL corresponding to "Open tickets JQL" label. You cannot edit the default JQL, but you can edit the instance specific JQL.

User list added in reports doesn't get saved

From any of the reports, the user list popup doesn't save the details persistently. If you permanently want to save the users, then go to User Groups page by clicking on the User groups menu under Settings. Here any changes done would be persistently saved. So while generating report, sometimes if you want to generate report for only few set of users / groups, you can safely remove other users from popup and generate report. Once you reload the the report, you will still see the old set of users.

How do I generate a report only for specific user / group from saved groups.

From any of the reports, the user list popup doesn't save the details persistently. So if you done want to generate the report for a specific user, then you can safely remove the user / group from the reports page. It will not get saved and so next time you reload the report, all the saved users / groups will be populated again. Hence no separate users / groups selection is required in any of the reports.

Worklog showing different time in Jira and tool

By default, Jira Assistant would use your local timezone while uploading the worklog. Hence if you have not configured Jira with your local timezone, then Jira would show worklog in different timezone. Hence it is always necessary for you to configure Jira with you local timezone.

Worklog entered in Jira is not pulled by Jira Assistant tool

Any worklog in Jira should be pulled by Jira Assistant. Ensure that you are providing appropriate query, User details, date range, etc.. If you are sure that filters you provided is accurate and still worklog is missing, then it is probably the issue with Indexing in Jira. If their are any recent updates or it has been sometimes long since last indexing in Jira has happened, then most probably re-indexing Jira would solve this issue. Contact your Jira admin about re-indexing.

In worklog report, how do I add additional filters like project, etc.?

In worklog report, click on the config icon from top right corner of the worklog report which would open a popup. This popup will contain a tab named JQL. Here you can add any additional filters you want.

Is their an option to email the report automatically on daily basis?

No, currently their are no such features available and their are no plans to implement it in future as well. Browser extension are not meant for such background task processing and we cannot relay on extension to do it. Their could be instances where it fails and could cause troubles. Hence no plans to implement it as of now.

How to make comments in worklogs non mandatory?

In worklog popup comments section is mandatory by default and you can configure how many character has to be entered. To configure it click on General menu under Settings. Now under Worklog tab you have option to configure min length for worklogs where setting it to '0' would make it a non mandatory field.

How to log work in closed tickets?

By default Jira Assistant doesn't allow to add worklog for closed tickets. But you can change the behaviour by changing the settings in General Settings -> Worklog tab -> and select the checkbox "Worklog for closed tickets". Enabling this would let you to add worklog for closed tickets. Note: This option would work only if Jira is configured to allow this behaviour.

How to copy worklog in calendar view?

From calendar view you can easily copy worklogs by two different ways. One by right clicking on the event and click on the copy menu which will open worklog popup where you can provide date and time of target worklog. Second option is even quicker and easier, just press the Alt key and drag and drop the worklog where you want it to be copied.

All tickets are not shown in ticket suggestion drop down

You can change the list of tickets shown in the suggestion drop down by changing the JQL. To change the JQL, go to Advanced Settings page and find the JQL corresponding to "Ticket suggestions JQL" label. You cannot edit the default JQL as it is for reference only, but you can edit the instance specific JQL.

How do I import sub-task for multiple tickets?

While importing issues, you can provide comma separated values for parent or project column, that way you would be able to generate sub-task for multiple tickets or create same issues under multiple projects. But you cannot combine both to gather. Multiple values are allowed only in parent or in project field.

How to change weekdays / working days?

Click on General menu under Settings, then under General tab, you have option to change the working days.

How can I configure timezone for individual users?

Worklog report, by default pulls the report in current users local timezone. If the users are working from a different timezone, then pulling worklog in local timezone would cause difference in date / time. To solve it, for individual users / groups you can add timezone settings from user groups. Setting appropriate time zone would solve the issue.