UI Components

Report items are the primary UI components for building the reports. Report builder support multiple UI elements which can be dragged and dropped to report display and can be configured to generate graphical or tabular reporting.


Table report item is used to display data in a tabular format. You will be able to show dynamic or static data using the table report item. To learn more about table refer Table Report Item

To show dynamic rows you will have to use row groups and similarly to show dynamic columns you will have to use column groups. To add a group right click on the row / column header and click Insert Group from the context menu.


You can add image as an independent report item or add image inside a table cell so show it as an icon. You can use expressions to provide dynamic image url from any property of the image including the source url.

Text / Headers

You can add text / headers as an report item. You can populate the content either through expressions or as a hardcoded text.

Tab view

Tab view component lets you add multiple tab pages and you can visualize data on different tabs.


Multiple types of charts are supported. You can use a dataset data to provide data to chart and display it.


Container is not a visual component. It is primarily for grouping the other components logically. However you can also utilize it to size the components based on UI grid system by changing the size property.

Collapsible panel

A simple collapsible container component. This would be primarily helpful if the report is too big and you have multiple UI elements added to report.

Horizontal line

Horizontal line is a simple line component which would draw a horizantal line between two components for visual seperation

Menu items

This component would help you to add a menu to the report and show it when clicking on a specific element. This would be helpful to open a Jira url, bookmark a ticket or for any other user interactions.


This is a container component which would repeat itself for each data in provided dataset. All the components placed inside this component would be repeated and you can place appropriate component to display the data.


Subreport component lets you include another report inside current report. You can either let the sub report fetch its own data based on the parameters you pass or you can pass the data itself to sub reports. This would be primarily useful for drill down reports