Known bugs

Following are some of the known issues in Jira Assistant. To see the detailed list of all the open and closed issues refer to the GitHub issues

  • When a dashboard is renamed, label in JA menu doesn't gets updated with new name until a save button is clicked from settings page once.
  • In tabbed layout view, control buttons doesn't not gets displayed
  • #16 - Changes in comments doesn't get displayed in notifications
  • #39 - Sorting does not work well for Jira list types like Status, Priority, Resolution, etc..
  • #12 - Outlook calendar integration doesn't work well. Once integrated, it pulls data only for an hour.
  • #146 - Date time display formats do not fully apply for calendar
  • #63 - With calendar integration, always default calendar is chosen to sync and no option available to select from the available calendars
  • #72 - While moving worklogs for changing the time, it moves with + or - 15 mins, but doesn't try to fit into grid of 15 mins
  • #96 - In month view, when their are multiple entries for a particular day, then calendar doesn't display total worklogs on top and hence user should click to see the total hours logged
Worklog report
  • #8 - In worklog report, selected date range does not get saved
  • #87 - When worklog is added from worklog report, the report doesn't gets updated with new additions until the report is refreshed
  • #52 - When authentication with Jira server is not possible due to any reasons, their is no way to update Jira url in application from 401 error page
  • #67 - Extension settings doesn't get synced anywhere and hence in case of re-installation, user should redo all the settings
  • #94 - 'This Week' and 'Last Week' items from date range selector doesn't consider Start of week settings
  • In some of the browsers, first time integration popup is not displayed anymore due to latest permission related restriction in Web Store
Report Builder
  • Proper documentation is not available for Report Builder making it complex for uses to use it
  • After recent change in review process, webtore is not allowing some permissions, which doesn't let the user to use custom user functions anymore

Recent and upcoming updates

Following are the list of changes done in each version of Jira Assistant.

30-Sep-2021: v2.32 - Enhancements and bug fixes
  • Storage related major code refactoring to support upcomming features
  • #191 - Bugfix: My open ticket logs work in different ticket when the item is not refreshed properly
  • #188 - Outlook Calendar bug fixes: All events are not pulled by calendar
  • #89 - Dark theme contributed by one of the user
09-May-2021: v2.31 - Enhancements and bug fixes
  • Custom Report: Added support to change display text of column headers.
  • Custom Report: Added more grouping options for string fields.
  • #181 - Custom Report: Added support for Math functions in expressions.
  • #185 - Import worklog bug fix: Decimal of 0.5 considered as 30 mins which was considered as 5 mins earlier.
13-Oct-2020: v2.3 - Enhancements and bug fixes
  • Fixed: Sprint is not displayed for Self hosted version of Jira.
  • Implemented: Custom report: Option to use Expressions for formating a field.
  • Removed: Old Custom Report from menu. Accessing with direct Url will continue to work.
25-Sep-2020: v2.2 - Enhancements and bug fixes
  • Fixed: Option columns and some of the custom fields not displaying value properly.
  • Fixed: Votes and Watches showing unnecessary 0.
  • Fixed: Workratio column showing -1s.
  • Fixed: Loader keeps loading on error fetching data.
  • Fixed: Network error message shown for some users.
  • Implemented: Custom report: Toggle groups in gadget view for better experience.
  • Implemented: Custom report: Badge added to show how many columns are visible.
  • Implemented: Custom report: Rearranging of display fields by drag and drop.
23-Sep-2020: v2.1 - Enhancements and bug fixes
  • Fixed: Error adding Custom Report as gadget in Dashboard.
23-Sep-2020: v2 - Enhancements and bug fixes
  • #165 - Fixed: Ticketwise Worklog gadget- Add and Upload worklog functionality not working. Selected date range not retained.
  • Implemented column grouping for Log work field in new Custom report.
  • Turned on Google Analytics by default. This can still be turned off from advanced settings page.
22-Sep-2020: v1.9 - Enhancements and bug fixes
  • #157 - New enhanced version of custom report is built from scratch.
  • #159 - Fixed: Advanced report in different dashboards doesn't refresh when switching directly between dashboards.
  • #164 - Fixed: Pulling of worklog details done based on currentUser() function in JQL instead of user email id.
  • Unwanted columns removed from My Reports Gadget.
  • Minor grouping related issues resolved in Statuswise time spent gadget.
  • Fixed: Showing unloaded image when iconUrl is not sent from Jira.
24-Aug-2020: v1.8 - Enhancements and bug fixes
  • #157 - Added worklog and bookmark options on ticket number field in Custom report
  • #161 - Added "Open ticket" menu in worklog context menu of calendar
  • Added worklog and bookmark options for ticket number columns in Status wise time spent gadget
03-Jul-2020: v1.7 - Enhancements and bug fixes
  • #78 - Issue key in custom report is linked to Jira issue similar to other gadgets
  • #153 - Minor fixes done in import issues and showing error message
  • Minor fixes in rendering the custom gadget and applying format functions
21-May-2020: v1.6 - Enhancements and bug fixes
  • Added Story Points, Original & remaining estimate plus aggregate values to Status wise time spent gadget
  • Changes done to show updates info when clicked on version number.
  • Fixed: Worklog report when exported to excel, numbers are formatted as string
  • Fixed: Gadgets doesn't show appropriate name for sheet while exporting to excel
  • Fixed: In add bookmark popup, when ticket number is entered, it is necessary to press enter once to add it.
10-May-2020: v1.5 - Enhancements and bug fixes
  • Fixed: Menu doesn't showup in Firefox and Edge
10-May-2020: v1.4 - Enhancements and bug fixes
  • #150 - Development of new report to show Status wise time spent on issues
28-Apr-2020: v1.3 - Enhancements and bug fixes
  • Changes done only for publishing related activity as previous versions publish failed. Multiple small features removed to reduce permission uses to speedup review process.
  • For Chrome: To speedup review process in Web Store removed auto filling of current Jira Url in popup while integration.
  • For Chrome: No more integration with Jira will happen through popup. It will open as separate page.
  • Report Builder: Disabled few features / expressions due to moderators review comments in Web Store
  • Report Builder: Removed custom functions features completely. Still thinking of a way to implement it again.
  • All the changes done in last couple of versions were published only in this version.
27-Apr-2020: v1.2 - Enhancements and bug fixes
  • #16 - Implemented showing updates from Jira for any changes made to any of the issues user is tagged in.
27-Apr-2020: v1.1 - Enhancements and bug fixes
  • #146 - Fixes done for 12 / 24 hour format in calendar tiles, based on user settings.
  • Grouping of worklog flat table implemented
  • #138 - Adding support for changing display columns for groupable grid.
  • Added support for changing display columns for Flat Grid in worklog report
  • Bug fixes for network error message issue.
  • Settings added to show or hide notification from developer
  • #86 - Allowed manual editing of date field in worklog popup.
  • #87 - Support adding worklog from Worklog report for same user.
18-Apr-2020: v1 - Enhancements and bug fixes
  • Changes done only for publishing related activity as previous versions publish failed.
  • All the changes done in last couple of versions were published only in this version for Firefox.
01-Apr-2020: v0.99 - Enhancements and bug fixes
  • Option provided to enable or disable Google Analytics capture from Advanced Settings page
19-Mar-2020: v0.98 - Enhancements and bug fixes
  • #110 - Fixed repeation of issue key in autocomplete
  • #148 - Fixed issue with adding user to group. This issue is due to modification in Jira API.
  • Import issues fixed - User name mismatch and import failure
  • Import issues fixed - Import failure without project name but with parent ticket number.
  • #135 - Import issues with custom field failed sometimes
28-Feb-2020: v0.97 - Enhancements and bug fixes
  • Bug Fixes for report loading issue due to property changes in Jira API.
15-Feb-2020: v0.94 - Enhancements and bug fixes
  • Bug Fixes for issue where name property is removed from Jira and extension stopped working.
22-Dec-2019: v0.93 - Enhancements and bug fixes
  • Worklog report: Original and remaining estimate added and controllable through configuration
  • Help videos: Navigation buttons added
  • Import issues: Fixes done for error when clicking on toggle all checkbox with empty records
  • Security: Reduced permissions given to extension for better security
10-Dec-2019: v0.92 - Enhancements and bug fixes
  • Installation: Fixes for configuration issue affecting advanced settings page
  • Calendar: Fix for error when displaying meeting details
  • Sprint report: Fix for error when closing group popup
04-Dec-2019: v0.91 - Enhancements and bug fixes
  • Add worklog popup: Ctrl + Enter shortcut added for saving worklog (#108)
  • Add worklog popup: Auto focus for Ticket No field (#108)
  • Custom report: Fixes done for showing sub-headers in worklog columns
02-Dec-2019: v0.90 - Enhancements and bug fixes
  • Multiple bug fixes throughout application
01-Dec-2019: v0.89 - Enhancements and bug fixes
  • Multiple bug fixes throughout application
  • Enhanced Google analytics to show accurate details including errors